Fight the Fever, Stacey Broadbent

Whenever Broadbent has a book on pre-order, I immediately one-click because I know I won’t be disappointed. After reading the first book in this series, Fear the Fever, I knew I was going to be in for a treat. Here’s my review:

Fight the Fever picks up where Fear the Fever leaves off. Life has settled back to normal for the tight-knit little group who now consider themselves a family. The town is even organizing a farmers market to help each other out. But little Caitlin has had a dream that the flesh eaters are back. So is it just a dream, or is Caitlin truly gifted?

Unfortunately, the flesh eaters are back, and they are way more in control of their facilities, even able to communicate. Some of them appear to be enjoying their new way of life. So while the disease starts to ravage its way around town, Zeke, Chad, Colton, Harper, and even some new friends, need to pull together if they want to survive.

Fight the Fever was a quick read and a really great followup to the first book. Broadbent has created a nice series that is full of action and suspense, with a bit of humor thrown in. I’m proud to see her take on this genre and I think she’s doing superbly. I look forward to seeing what more she has in store for us.

Fight the Fever is only 99 cents on Amazon, so grab your copy today. If you’ve enjoyed this review, check it out on Amazon and Goodreads and consider giving it a “like”.