Twilight Siege, Jill Ramsower

We’re back with Becca and this time, things are even more intense. She needs to learn exactly what powers she is capable of now that she’s realized what she is. Because Morgan is opening portals and it’s going to spell bad news for Earth. So not only does she need to learn what she can do and master the newfound powers, she’s on a short timeline to do so.

Traveling with Lochlan to the Shadowlands to help her learn what she’s capable of is not an easy task. It’s not safe out there, but thankfully, they’ve got a bit of an ally in Fen. Fen has been stuck there after being banished for too many years to count. As a friendship forms amidst all the hours spent in practice, Becca promises she will get him out of there one day, a testament to how close they have gotten. Meanwhile, Morgan is biding her time and we the readers can only hope that between Becca, Lochlan, and the rest of the Hunt, she can be stopped. Wondering if Becca has learned enough had me on the edge of my seat and her ingenuity left me reeling, I’m always impressed by her.

As I said in book 1, I love Becca’s personality, she’s honest, straight to the point, and super fun. I love that her relationship with Cat has gotten deeper, they make quite the duo as Cat is feisty and fun. I’m happy that Ramsower also brought Becca’s friend Ashley over to live as well because it didn’t feel the same without her there.
I liked the connection between Becca and Lochlan and I enjoyed watching his walls break down a bit for her. The two of them are great together and I think they will go far. I loved the conclusion to the series and can only hope that perhaps one day, Ramsower might decide to give Ashley or Cat their own books as I’m not quite ready to let everyone go.

For now you can check out my review on Goodreads. Twilight Siege releases on Amazon on September 1st for only $3.99, so pre-order your copy today.

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