Between a Rock and a Royal, Sylvie Stewart

In part one of Between a Rock and a Royal, we meet Ruby who co-owns a car repair shop with her uncle Carl. He’s like a father to her and he’s run into some trouble on account of his son. They’re about to lose the business if they can’t come up with the money, and soon.

Visiting America are twin brothers, Malcolm and Leo, and they just happen to be princes. Unfortunately, their father’s health is failing and Malcolm needs to take his place as king, though he’s not ready yet. Opposing personalities, Malcolm is a free spirit, who isn’t quite ready for all of the responsibility. Leo is more down to earth, and he cares for the earth, using his wealth to build wells and other deeds for bettering the future. So when Malcolm decides to ditch their security for one last adventure, Leo isn’t totally on board. When their bad luck turns worse, it’s Ruby who happens upon them, and that’s when the real adventure begins.

I’m glad that Ruby gets along with Malcolm because he’s pretty terrific in his own way, there’s a lot of layers to him that he hides. But her relationship with Leo is special, they’re intimately drawn to each other and when they finally act on it, things get super *hot*. I really loved Ruby, she’s funny and honest. Some of her self-dialogue had me laughing out loud. Stewart is brilliant at writing romantic comedies and I think the conclusion is going to rock (pun intended).

For now, you can read my review on Goodreads. Between a Rock and a Royal is part of an anthology, Royal and Reckless, which releases on September 4th for 99 cents on Amazon. You can get it by itself in paperback on Amazon for 12.99.