V Games, Caroline Peckham

Look at that cover!! That alone is enough to make anyone want to grab this book. Such a wonderful read, here’s my review:

In V Games, we’re introduced to Selena, who landed herself in jail because she was dealt a really rough hand in life. It’s not easy, but her roommate Cass, while distant, is going to be her lifeline to navigate her new world. But just as she starts acclimating to life in jail, she wakes up on an island, with not just Cass, but other inmates from all around.

They’re tasked with survival, and they’re up against vampires, so it’s not going to be easy. Half-starved, which may make them weaker, they are hungry and dedicated to making these girls their next meal. In Hunger Games fashion, there are spectators, and they’ve bet on Selena as the favorite.

Their guide through the games is Verick, a vampire who’s been under the Helsing’s thumb for near centuries. While he may be a vampire, he doesn’t want to be here any more than the girls. He’s got his eye on Selena, and with his help, he might just get her to survive this place.

As the title states, this is book one in the series so you’re going to need the rest of the books to finish the story, but, you are seriously going to want the rest of the books in the series because once the action starts, it is non-stop. I loved Selena’s drive, her desire to be a good person and help others. I loved her connection with Verick, rough as it was at the start. I loved Verick as well, they both make for excellent characters. It’s not often I say a book is hard to put down, but this near impossible to. Such a fast-paced, non-stop action filled thrill ride from the get-go. I absolutely loved it.

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