Given to Fly, K.L. Montgomery

I had a slice of free time with my advanced reviews, so I was able to slip in a book by one of my favorite authors that I hadn’t read yet. I’m so glad I read this, I encourage everyone seeking messages of love, hope, and acceptance to check out this book. Here’s my review:

I had read other Montgomery books, and seeing this one, I was quick to snag it as she is an author that you want to read everything written.
In Given to Fly we meet Annelise, who is in a marriage she probably shouldn’t have entered. Raised in a very religious home, she wouldn’t dare voice her doubts to her family. They haven’t been entirely supportive of not only her weight struggles but now her struggle to conceive. A preschool teacher, Annelise has a way with children. When she meets Trek on his daughter Bailey’s first day of school, she is taken with both of them. But she’s married, and she would never stray from her vows.

Except it doesn’t seem as if her husband Aaron is taking them seriously. Celebrating their first year of marriage, Aaron has been hiding so much from her, and his attitude towards her is getting worse. So she leans on her friendship with Trek, who seems to be the only supportive person she has around her.
My heart hurt for Annelise and her struggles. I can’t imagine the pain of ridicule from your family for struggling with weight issues. Especially considering she’s predisposed to them anyways. Then to be made a joke by your brothers because you can’t easily conceive like their wives is so hurtful. Their wives were just as awful, I wanted to reach into the pages and ring their necks.
I was so proud of Annelise when she finally found her voice when she learned that we’re often times more than our families, and more than the toxicity they leak into our lives. Given to Fly was beautifully written, expressing a loving message of self-love, encouragement, and hope.

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