The First Lights, Christy Pastore

Two people, healing from the loss of their spouses and children are destined to cross paths, and that’s what happens for Hannah and Wyatt.

Hannah is trying her best to raise her remaining son, a twin of the one she lost, the best way she knows how. She’s doing a fine job of it, knowing that Luke lived in his brother’s shadow. When Luke wants to play football, Hannah meets Wyatt, football coach and teacher to her son, and their first meeting goes spectacularly down the drain. But Wyatt, having lost his wife and daughter, is impressed by her fire and he wants to know more about her. But dating the mother of one of his students could have consequences with the school board, so even if they wanted to date, it would hurt his career and possibly her son in the process.

I can’t say enough how much I loved this book. I loved how right these two are for each other, the fact that they can come together because of their pain. The heartache, the love,and the level of steamy goodness makes the perfect package, an absolute home run.

The First Lights releases on September 26th, I will come back to update when I’ve gotten pre-order links.

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