Cover Reveal, Kismet, Sienna Grant


TITLE: Kismet (Soulmates 3)
AUTHOR: Sienna Grant
COVER DESIGNER: Maria Lazarou @Obssessed by books design
Release Date: 30th October

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Most people I knew had their whole lives planned out from a young age. In some ways, I did too.
I was career minded, wanting to follow in my father’s footsteps, but there was something unorthodox about me. Being a twin and having three brothers, I knew I was the odd one out. I always shrunk back and let them take over…
While they were eyeing up girls, I had my head stuck in a book.
I was always different, the complex one, I thought that was all it was.

Sometimes life doesn’t take the path you planned and you have to take life as it comes; the good, the bad and the complicated. When I met him, it was like my world aligned. I suddenly understood why I never fit the mould.
On the path to self discovery, I found my kismet; my destiny.
Who was I to question fate?

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