Blue Bloods and Backroads, Sylvie Stewart

You can read my review of Book 1 here so you can catch up!

The second part of Blue Bloods and Backroads finishes off Ruby and Leo’s story, allowing them to sort out the relationship that seemed on the edge of disaster in book one. When we often jump to conclusions in a relationship, sometimes communication is the key to resolution. As I said in book 1, I adore Ruby, she’s a strong woman who knows what she wants, and I love a strong and assertive heroine.

Leo is adorable and I loved how he was with Ruby. When he says “These were the unhinged thoughts running through my brain as she moved under me, unknowingly sealing the deal on her ownership of me.” I absolutely swooned. Who doesn’t want that in a book boyfriend?

I’m so glad that Ruby and Leo were able to work things out and find some resolve with their relationship. In the meantime, Sylvie has said that we’re going to see more of Leo’s brother Malcolm and I am tickled pink, as there’s a special place in my heart for him and I want nothing more than to see him happy.

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