Ruth Robinson's Year of Miracles, Frances Garrood

This is the first book I’ve read from author Garrood, and if it’s any indication of her other books, she has a new fan.

I had so much fun reading this book, I can’t recommend it enough. Ruth was raised in a very strict, Catholic home, and as such, when she tells her parents that she’s pregnant, her father wants her out. Nevermind that she’s a grown woman with nowhere to go right now, she’s got to go. So she’s off to live with her older, eccentric, twin uncles, Eric and Silas, and their ornery housekeeper Blossom, who isn’t too pleased at Ruth’s intrusion into what she considers her domain.

Their house is anything but clean, and while overwhelming with clutter and an entire various collection of barn animals, Ruth starts to settle in. While she’s trying to find the father of what she terms her unborn seahorse/rabbit, she’s settling into life, helping out with the animals and generally staying out of Blossom’s way. She’s fond of her uncles, Silas with his fascination with all things medicine, and Eric, intent on proving the impossibility of Noah’s Ark.

Blossom, a sort of “pick and choose” Catholic, sees the Virgin Mary on the side of the henhouse, and much to Eric and Silas’ chagrin, a mild sort of chaos descends on the house, with devout followers coming to pay their respects. While Blossom manages to keep the people relatively out of the way, it’s the beginning of the house turning upside down.

Every time I thought the house couldn’t get more full, more people moved in. I laughed with every new occupant, but I loved how each of them worked so perfectly in the household. Garrood has given us some excellent characters and I adored each of them. Ruth’s life swings from moments of hilarity to seriousness and profound thoughts. I do hope the author plans to give us some more from either Ruth or the uncles, because I’m not quite ready to let them go. Very well done!

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