Set List, Raymond L. Atkins

Set List appealed to me because each chapter is fashioned around a song title. I had only read one other author that did this, and I think it’s a very creative way to tell a story. Weaving through the time of the past, growing up with his family, and the present, in a band with heart problems, Blanchard’s story unfolds for us.

We learn his love for music that started in childhood. How growing up in a very untraditional home with a sick mother and uncaring father shaped him in life. He grouped up in a band with his best friend Covey, and while Covey plays a large part in most of Blanchard’s interactions, it is Blanchard’s story. Of falling in love, and losing it. Of his dedication to music, to partying hard, a life that is lived with no thought to health, and Covey on the sidelines trying to encourage him.

Set List is very well told, and is well-written. Atkins is a great storyteller, who is imaginative, and that shines through in his characters. This was a thought-provoking read, of hardship and life, of acceptance and friendship. A great read.

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