When the Storm Ends, Rebecca L. Marsh

I’m always pleased when I come across a book like this, and the author has done a superb job of telling the story. It’s rare to find such a well-written book from a first time author and I would highly recommend this book. Here’s my review:

Beth is a child psychologist tasked with helping a young girl, Erin, to tell her story of why she murdered her father. In the process of getting the scared girl to open up, Beth tells Erin, and the reader her story of survival. Her story of being raised in an abusive home, to bouncing through a few foster homes, of finding family and love.

Beth and her brother Jack did not have it easy growing up. Her mother married an abusive man and made their lives a living hell. When things go too far, they are removed from her care. Each of them hopes that after their mother goes through the proper channels to get them back, they will return to her, without her husband. But things don’t always work so smoothly in the world, and thus begins Beth’s journey to healing. It’s a long journey that she struggles with well into adulthood, well into her marriage.

My heart hurt for Beth and everything she went through. It soared when she found a family that loved her, that wanted her for their own. I rejoiced when she found Katie, her foster sister, who took to her immediately. It broke all over again when that family went through their own troubles. Erin’s story is also heartbreaking and it’s hard to imagine just exactly what pushed her to do what she did.

The foster system in America is flawed and broken, and all too often kids fall through the cracks. Marsh did a wonderful job portraying the good and the bad of the system. She has written a beautiful and heartbreaking story in When the Storm Ends, with deep and connected characters. A wonderful read.

For now, you can read my review on Goodreads. When the Storm Ends releases tomorrow on October 6th, and is available for pre-order on Amazon for $2.99.