The Scent of Heat, E.P. Sery

Recently released, The Scent of Heat is the first book by author E.P. Sery and is quite impressive. Here’s my review:

Set in the 50’s, we meet Ariella, a young woman who is finishing up her two-year service in the military. She lives at home with dreams of something more for her life. One day while she is working, she is introduced to her bosses good friend Arik, who immediately catches her eye. True, he is much older than her, but she’s always been drawn to older men. And thus begins their long and secretive courtship. Arik is well off, he spoils her with clothes and jewelry and trips to countries she’s never been.
While Ariella has dreams of a ring on her finger, a happy marriage, and children running around the yard, Arik is keeping a secret from her that might not give her the happily ever after she dreams of.

The Scent of Heat is a very well-written story that portrays the life and times Ariella lived in wonderfully. Ariella is very naive, who goes along with the situation and makes little fuss. I think she was very typical of a young woman her age, very consumed with herself and her needs while also being torn with her obligations to her father. While not my favorite kind of heroine, I did enjoy watching her personal growth over the few years that the story spanned. Very nicely done.

Check out my review on Amazon and Goodreads and give it a “like” if you’ve enjoyed it. You can grab The Scent of Heat on Amazon for $9.99 and it is enrolled in KU.