A Choice Between Two, Sagan Morrow

Emma has been dating John for 6 months, and while the time they spend together is great, because of their demanding careers, their time together isn’t much. So when Emma meets Carlos, she’s drawn into him, he is the complete opposite of John in every way, and it’s a good thing, for both of them. But how does a girl choose between two really amazing men? Thankfully she has two amazing best friends, Scarlett and Helen, to help her choose.

This was such a fun novella to read and I really enjoyed it. Morrow writes and edits extremely well, she has given us such fun characters in not just the men, but Emma’s best friends. Each of them with unique personalities and differing opinions. I’m always a little sad when a book just ends and you need book 2 to continue the story, but I am excited to see what happens next for Emma. It would even be nice if Morrow told Scarlet’s story in another book.

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