The Winters, Lisa Gabriele

I find it interesting that we never learn our main character’s (MC) name, just a woman who fell in love with Max, a very rich man, who takes their relationship to the next level by proposing. They head off back to his home, the Asherley Estate in NY where he lives with his 15-year-old daughter, Dani.

Our MC has a lot to compete with in the ghost of Max’s deceased wife, Rebekah. For Rebekah is the one who has entirely redone the house, her ghost is everywhere our MC looks. She’s Dani’s beloved mother, there is an entire room with pictures of her everywhere. It seems that Dani still isn’t ready to let her go to make room for our heroine.

Max has occasional outbursts, moments of rage and most often, they are directed at Dani. For Dani is sullen, she has mood swings, she seems to really get along with our MC at certain times, and then completely switches her attitude during others. She’s not a reliable character in our story because of this.

But what if Dani has moments where truth slips into the conversation? Perhaps there is more to the story that Max is leaving out? But this guy has been amazing, aside from the outbursts, so what exactly is going on at the Asherley Estate?

This was a super fun read for me. Something always felt just a tad off, and when I thought I had things figured out, I never quite did, so it made for great suspense. I’ve not read Gabriele before this book but if her other books are similar in writing fashion, she definitely has a new fan.

For now you can read my review on Goodreads, and if you’ve enjoyed it, please consider giving it a “like”. The Winters will be available on Amazon on October 16th, for $12.99.