Burning Embers, Fiona Jeeves

Once the background information was laid out, Burning Embers picked right up and turned into a really good book. Feia has spent her life in the Temple, raised as a Foundling, being the butt of others jokes, constantly picked on and hurt. She’s been told to ignore the powerful dreams she’s had, she’s been told she doesn’t have a Gift, and years of hearing that you’re less than can wear a person down.

When she finally decides she’s had enough, she leaves the Temple to branch out on her own. She knows it’s dangerous, that she could be caught by the Champions, but she would rather risk it than keep living the life she’s leading inside the safe walls of the Temple.

But she’s off to a rocky start, and thankfully, a man named Rhoyde is there to help. We follow Feia on her adventure to not only fulfilling her promise to Rhoyde, but following the dreams that are leading her back to who she suspects is her birth father. Her powerful dreams spell of destruction and she hopes they can arrive in time.

This was a fun book to read. I liked the various magical elements, the “Gifts” as Jeeves puts it, that people are able to control. I think that even though Feia was off to such a rough start, it was great watching her find her inner strength, even if it took a really long time to do so. Her friend, Vesta, could be a really great character and it would be nice to read more of her. I also hope to read more of Rhoyde in the following books. Overall it’s a fun read pulling in mythological elements to create an entire fantastical world of the authors making.

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