Exploding Love, Amanda Siegrist

What a fun read!
Isabella can see the future, and while it can be really helpful in saving someone’s life, can it save her own when she dreams of herself and the man she used to love?
Three years ago Isabella was with Bo, a local detective, and their relationship was hot and fast. Then it ended abruptly, with Isabella shutting off her feelings for Bo, but that doesn’t mean he did the same. She’s sure he hates her and when she calls him to tell him of her newest dream, the one that involves the both of them, she’s not surprised he’s so abrupt on the phone, she was expecting it. But this time her dreams are vague and she doesn’t have a lot of information to give him.

The struggle to believe that Bo might still carry a torch for her is strong with Isabella, and yet, when she’s lucid, she feels so much from him. They’re both scared and unsure what is going to happen and when. Exploding Love is an intense, fast, and fun read. I like how Siegrist can create in-depth characters in such a short amount of book, characters that you grow to love and sit on the edge of your seat with when they are in trouble, a great read!

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