Sailors Knot, Phoebe Alexander

Sailors Knot=Scorching Hot

In Sailors Knot we follow Casey’s story, and Alexander has done a superb job of telling her story by weaving time between the present and Casey’s struggle with breast cancer, and the past when Casey experienced her first polyamorous relationship with two men.

Casey was in a loving relationship with Gabriel, but being younger than him, her drive was a lot higher than his, so he told her to go out and find someone to help pick up the slack, so to speak. Enter Joshua, who is pretty much walking perfection, especially considering he’s down to see what could be with Casey. But once he meets Gabriel, he’s intrigued that this man is willing to share the love of his girlfriend. The three of them explore their boundaries, creating something new to them and relatively untalked about for their time.

As Casey is on the healing end of surviving breast cancer, she is retelling her story of loving both of these amazing men to her sister and her friends. Their love is well ahead of its time and clearly plays so much on Casey’s conscious even now. While it hurt that Casey had struggled so much, she is clearly a survivor and Alexander wrote her story so beautifully. The scenes between Casey and the men she loves were hot, terrifically blazing with passion and heat and I loved every moment of it. This series is so well-written and I find myself attached every time we follow someone from the club’s story. Sailors Knot is the perfect addition to the series.

For now you can check out my review on Goodreads. Head on over to Amazon and pre-order your copy of Sailors Knot for $2.99 before it releases on October 25th.