Good Night, Sweet Baby, Nate Henry

Look at this gorgeous cover!!

I totally recommend using the Amazon’s “look inside” feature so you can look at these illustrations and see just how beautiful they are. I’m glad I was asked to review this book and I’m going to be picking up a copy for my niece. Check out my review:

What a beautifully illustrated book! I can’t express enough how much I’ve enjoyed these illustrations, they are gorgeous.

Dad is telling his little one a bedtime story of their day tomorrow while mom is out. A lazy day he claims. But as his story grows, so does their adventures. And as kids are known to do, everything will be out and about from all their playing.

This was such a fun story, it rhymes making it an enjoyable read for the little ones and I think they are going to spend hours turning the pages to look at the illustrations. So beautifully done!

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