Vampire Devil, Rosemary A. Johns

I absolutely loved this book and it’s been hard writing a spoiler-free review that does it justice. But you can check out my review at the bottom and on Amazon and Goodreads.

Vampire Devil

Rebel Angels

Book Three

Rosemary A Johns

Genre: Fantasy/PNR

Publisher: Fantasy Rebel Limited

Date of Publication: 23rd October 2018




Book Description:

This is why Fallen angels fear the light…

Snatched to the Under World, Violet discovers that the father who abandoned her as a baby is the tyrannical king of hell. She’s forced to battle in the Bone Carnival to prove her loyalty in a court of the wildest vampire rebels ever to be cast out of Angel World. Or else she won’t be able to save the angels…or her sister.

When she defies the anarchic vampire court, she’s tested in three impossible Devil’s Quests, which risk letting out the worst monster of them all: and it’s inside her. If she fails, she’ll be bonded eternally to a ruthless general, whilst the vampire geek and sexy angel she loves will become the elite army’s playthings.

The Apocalypse is coming, and Violet may just be the weapon that destroys the world…

Fans of Buffy and Lucifer are sure to devour Vampire Devil, the third book in the addictive urban fantasy romance series REBEL ANGELS by USA Today author Rosemary A Johns. Buy your copy now to begin the thrilling adventure today!

“Rosemary A Johns writes one hell of a world. I can’t wait to read more!” – USA Today Bestselling Author, D.D. Miers

REBEL ANGELS is the addictive #1 Bestselling series!





WINNER OF SILVER AWARD in the National Wishing Shelf Book Awards.

ROSEMARY A JOHNS is author of the #1 bestselling REBEL VAMPIRES and REBEL ANGELS series, as well as other REBEL worlds coming soon!

ROSEMARY A JOHNS is a USA Today Bestselling and award-winning fantasy writer, music fanatic, and paranormal anti-hero addict. She writes snarky angels, savage vampires, and epic battles.

Rosemary is also a traditionally published short story writer. She studied history at Oxford University and ran her own theatre company. She’s always been a rebel…

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Series in the REBEL VERSE by Rosemary A Johns

Rebel Vampires

Rebel Angels


Here’s my review:

It’s going to be hard to write a spoiler-free review, so I’m going to give it my best.

Having escaped the clutches of her mother, Violet is in the Under World now. We get to meet Lucifer and he’s so much more than anyone could have expected. Violet has always wanted two things in life, family, and answers and as Violet puts it “Lucifer had wound chains around me until I stood shackled because he’d dangled the one thing I’d always wanted. Answers.”

Johns has gathered everyone Violet loves in one place and given her the power she’s seeking, it’s almost too perfect. J asks her “How’s it feel to be the fire the world dances around?”, because Violet is at the center of everyone’s world, Anarchy, Rebel, Harahel, Ash, even Mischief. They’re all here and they’re all prepared to go to war with her, for her. They all have such unique personalities and characteristics, and Johns makes sure the reader knows each of them well.

I particularly loved this book more than the others. I think Violet is finally starting to find her place in the world. Reading this, there is so much of Johns in the book, it’s poignant, and there was a lot of funny elements too, such as “death smelt of tequila…?” That had me laughing out loud.

I enjoy how there is a virtual playlist throughout the book, songs that you can equate to the situation. Johns and I have similar musical tastes and I liked loading the songs up on the iPod to listen to. As music is a central part of my life, it made the scenes much more powerful. This entire series is so well-written, and it just gets better and better.