Genealogy, Mae Wood

This was such a well-written book, and right in my favorite genre, so it was a perfect read for me. Here’s my review:

I want to start off by saying that I absolutely love the fact this story was based off 100-year-old love letters. I think the author has done a superb job of blending the letters into a novel to produce an excellent piece of historical fiction and romance.

Told through varying points of view, between the present and past, we learn of Ali’s family’s history, the story of her namesake and the love of her life, Elliot. We follow Ali as she reads each letter, learns of the sweet and endearing love her great-grandmother had, and in the process, we watch Ali find herself.

This was so well-written, the characters and story were rich and detailed. The reading pace varied, but once it picked up, it was such a smooth and easy read. Genealogy is beautifully written, it’s touching and heartfelt. I’ve not read Wood before, but it seems as if Genealogy is not her normal genre, but she has knocked this one out of the park. Very well done!

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