Implanted, Lauren Teffeau

It’s a new world. People are living in a dome because life outside is impossible. Most people have an implant. It makes life easier, it’s quick access to all the information you could need. Some people would even kill just to get one because it’s starting to become a luxury for the elite.

But Emery is just a typical girl who really enjoys simulation, and video games. This is where she meets Rik, so to speak. They know each other so well in the game world. They can connect through their implants outside of it as well. But they’ve never actually met, despite the connection.

When Emery draws the attention of a courier service, she must learn a new way of life. And while she is learning valuable skills and adjusting to her new life, her old life gets left behind. Tasked with transporting important information, Emery gets herself into trouble. Who best to turn to when things get hard?

Implanted feels a bit dystopian to me, and I really love that aspect of the book. The entire genre is not something typical for me and I am so glad I read this book because Teffeau has done a great job with this. The characters are in-depth, they are fun, smart, and relatable. Each scene is written to make you feel like you’re there. This was such a surprisingly fun read for me and while it didn’t end on a cliffhanger, I do hope that the author plans to do a book 2 because I’m not ready to let Emery, Rik, or Tahir go.

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