My Life as a Mixtape, LJ Evans

I had met Evans in a takeover sometime during the summer and she had the most bubbly personality. When I went to check her Amazon author profile (as my stalking tendencies are want to do), I realized I already owned one of her books, My Life as a Country Album, I just hadn’t read it. The next day I won a paperback copy of her next book, My Life as a Pop Album. I moved her first book up my TBR and started reading, I didn’t put it down, even when I started crying, even when there was a pile of tissues messing up my comfy seating spot, I cried so hard. Then I finished the book and declared it the best book I had read of the year, and I stand by that statement. This is such an amazing series, it’s so creative, and I’m happy to have had the opportunity to read her newest, My Life as a Mixtape, here’s my review:

My Life as a Mixtape is a beautiful addition to the series, it includes everyone we fell in love with from the previous books and gives us a wonderful new story in Wren and Lonnie. It’s a slow-burn, a nice long one that is well worth the wait.

Wren isn’t in the best place, she’s getting over a divorce and the last thing she is thinking about is a relationship. Lonnie is too busy working with life and the band to consider anything serious. So when they meet, they agree that they should be friends, and nothing more. And they do build an amazing friendship filled with fun and laughter, with honest and heartfelt moments.

Evans makes it a point to talk about real life issues in her books, including mental health and I appreciate that so much. She writes about anxiety realistically and incorporates it into the story. I was doing a good job throughout this series to not get too attached but I think Lonnie is my favorite. He is such a good man and even though Wren was so insecure, she found herself through him.

There are so many elements to love about this book that I can’t add without spoiling it for the reader, but I will finish off with a quote from the book I especially loved. “My heart flipped like crazy. Because an almost four-year-old could say the thing my heart felt but that I knew I couldn’t say”. Very well done.

For now you can read my review on Goodreads. My Life as a Mixtape releases on Amazon on November 13th but is available for preorder for $2.99.