Chasing Love, Meredith McNeil

Megan had a rough start at life, it made her susceptible to being bullied. With low self-esteem from constant harassment, she falls into the wrong crowd and starts making really bad decisions. Deciding to join the army, she’s off to find and make something of herself, but her bad decisions aren’t left behind. But she finds the friends she always had hoped she would make, and in the process, she goes through a lot of self-discovery.

Chasing Love is typical of the mistakes that people make when they aren’t in a nurturing learning environment, even some of her teachers were downright awful to her. I greatly empathized with Megan and her struggles, and then got angry with her when it came to Jay. But it was her mistake to live through, not mine.

The story does need some editing, there’s quite a bit of repetitive word usage and spelling mistakes that could easily be fixed with another run-through of editing. But the story was realistic, with some heartbreaking as well as heartwarming moments.

You can read my review on Amazon and Goodreads. Check out Chasing Love on Amazon for $3.99, it’s enrolled in KU.