Celebrity Chef Zombie Apocalypse, Jack D. McLean

CCZA starts out with Robert, a man who is desperate to come up with a plan to keep his job, and he only has a week to do it. How can he make an old cooking show from the 80’s fresh enough that it will attract viewers? Easy enough, raise the chef, Floyd Rampant from the dead to introduce his shows, say a bit about them. His uncle has made it sound easy enough, so it should be.

But alas, nothing in life is easy and very little goes according to plan.
Floyd isn’t as cooperative as Robert had hoped, and as the good chef starts to make plans, things start to get out of hand. Thankfully, there is a man named Dave that is onto him, only no one really quite believes him, not even his girlfriend who thinks his time would be better served in therapy. Zombie apocalypse? No way..erm…

I had read another book of McLean’s, and he has a unique writing style. He’s witty, funny, and his stories are well thought out. He can take you to crazy town and have you laughing the entire time. Things like “…he dropped onto all fours and fled into the lounge where he cowered under the sofa. Then he realised, he shouldn’t be able to fit under the sofa.” I burst out laughing so hard at that.

It’s not just a zombie book, or a comedy, because there are elements of a mystery that has to be solved, so it ticks a lot of boxes. He doesn’t hold back, so you’re going to get exactly what you expect to happen, and a whole lot you’re not, which is what makes it so brilliant. A superb read that I just had to buy. I’m looking forward to book 2.

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