A Gift to Remember, Cyan Tayse

How great is this cover? I love this dress. This was a fun, fast read. Check out my review:

A Gift to Remember was such a fun read!

I was thrilled that Tayse brought back some characters from other books in the Pocket Rocket Series. But that doesn’t mean you need the other books, it’s just an added bonus. It was nice following Cara and Bri’s relationship and I loved how they included Dan. Tayse writes funny and steamy, and she incorporates the two wonderfully.

Tayse also brought back Hailee and Aroha as well, and watching everyone’s interactions in the gallery was a lot of fun. It was art that brought them together. I do love this series and adding a Christmas book to it is the perfect addition. Nicely done!

For now you can read my review on Goodreads. A Gift to Remember releases on November 23rd, but is available for preorder on Amazon for 99 cents!