Watching You, Lisa Jewell

This was a paperback that I received a few weeks back and I was so pleased to receive it because the premise looked intense. My first book from Jewell, it did not disappoint. Here’s my review:

In Watching You, we open with a murder right out of the gate. In the painted houses in an idyllic neighborhood in Melville Heights, someone is dead. We don’t know who is dead and we know there is a red tassel involved.

The story is split between various people starting with Joey. Joey has always considered herself a bit of a free spirit only recently having moved in with her brother and his wife with her husband. Jenna is our next point of view and she’s a student at the local girl’s school in which Tom Fitzwilliam, a major player in our story here, is the head. Lastly, we hear from Freddie’s point of view, he’s Tom’s son and he keeps an eye on the comings and goings around the neighborhood.

Despite her marriage, Joey is infatuated with Tom, and she’s finding excuses to bump into him. Jenna thinks Tom is no good and she’s starting to worry for her best friend Bess. Freddie isn’t sure what to make of his father, he only knows he hears whispering and loud noises coming from his parent’s bedroom at night, and it doesn’t make him happy.

I think Jewell set a great background for all of the characters and I loved the way she had them interact, just enough to have you wondering who was the killer and who was killed. I thought that opening with a murder was a creative idea because the reader knows what to expect, they just aren’t sure how it’s going to come about. I liked that I wasn’t exactly sure who was murdered from the get-go and that I was constantly kept on my toes. A great read.

For now, you can read my review on Goodreads as Watching You isn’t out yet. But rest assured you will have it soon as it’s available for preorder on Amazon for $13.99 and releases December 26th.