Losing Hope, Michelle Windsor

I met author Windsor at a local event and grabbed a couple of her books. Losing Hope was one of them, and as my first book by this author, she surely has a new fan.

Hope is an assertive woman who just needs some time away out of the city when she happens upon Gage, stranded on the side of the road. After assuring her he’s not going to murder her (because isn’t that what a murderer would say?), she heads back to her house so he can use the phone.

In a bit of insta-love things go from sweet and innocent to *smoking hot* super fast. Wow these two are hot together, and after their amazing weekend, it would be silly for them to part ways. Until Gage learns something awful, and poof, he’s gone. That wasn’t an easy pill for me to swallow as their connection jumped off the page. The question is, can the love that has developed overcome this tragic secret?

Windsor is a great writer, I loved that her main character was strong and assertive. Her obsession with Gabe’s abs had me laughing, especially because if he’s anything as I’ve pictured, he could be my new book boyfriend. I really like these two together, and I liked the storyline. It would be sweet if we could revisit them in a future book *wink, nudge*. Losing Hope is a fun, quick, and super steamy read. Very well done.

Check out my review on Amazon and Goodreads and if you’ve enjoyed it, consider giving it a “like.” You can grab Losing Hope for yourself for $2.99 on Amazon, it’s also enrolled in KU.