Mermaids are Real, Bo Wu

Benji has happily lived his life with his father, a fisherman, spending his days on the water in the boat or surfing. When he starts hearing the sea creatures, specifically two dolphins, he keeps it to himself for a while before letting his father know. But once his father knows of Benji’s abilities, a whole new world starts to open up for him. A world in Aquari with mermaids with fantastical abilities.

Benji is more than just your ordinary mermaid (if there is such a thing), and as he delves deeper into the ocean and deeper into his family history, he realizes just how special he is. But their life under the sea and under the radar in Sanjowqua is being threatened. A Donquarian named Guogon wants the humans to pay for the destruction if their world, and he’s definitely not going about it peacefully, in fact, Sanjowqua is being threatened by his uncle’s actions. Now everyone must work together to stop this madness.

Benji was a fun character to read, I enjoyed watching him discover new skills that he had and I enjoyed watching him practice them. I imagine the author had a lot of fun writing this book as a lot of the characters were playful and fun. All of the characters in the book were rich and detailed, making you feel like you knew them. The entire world that Wu has created is fantastical, richly detailed so you feel like you are there.

Wu’s humor came through in quite a few spots which I enjoyed. At the heart of the story is a deep message about the Earth’s pollution, which Wu makes clear, and I liked how he went about creating this fantastical world to press on the deep meaning behind their actions. Normally tricky names in a book slow me down and aren’t my brand of writing, but the fact that Sanjowqua is so far set off from “topside” as it’s called, makes it believable and accurate, and the names fit right in. The characters personalities truly met their names. A really fun read.

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