Souls Collide, Kristina Beck

Isn’t this cover absolutely gorgeous? I love it. This was such a fantastic read, here’s my review:

Alexa is a pharma rep who is the perfect package because she’s sweet and bubbly, she’s smart and honest, a genuinely good person. After so much heartbreak losing his mother to cancer, and now his sister Abby is battling, Kent is a hard person to love. He’s lost the joy in life and is impossible to be around. If the word curmudgeon applies to anyone, it’s Kent. As a police officer, it’s said he lets nothing slide. He needs to learn to laugh and love. There’s something about Alexa that is starting to break down those walls of fear he keeps around himself.

Kent’s sister Abby is amazing. To be battling breast cancer and have such a positive personality, even when Kent is always so down, is so true to her spirit. The fact that Alexa is immediately drawn to her also speaks of the light that shines in her. I do wonder if Beck plans to give Abby her own book. Kent and Abby are a package deal and with the way Alexa and Abby get along like true sisters, that wouldn’t be a problem.

There is one character I didn’t love, and that was Dani. She was so prickly from the start, and I think Beck wrote her character to be unlikeable very well. In such an amazing group of people, I imagine it was probably hard creating a character that the audience is going to dislike. She just always had something negative to say and I was surprised that she was friends with Abby.

While Kent and Alexa are getting to know each other, and his walls are starting to crumble, we learn Alexa has a stalker. Because she is such a beautiful and bubbly person, it’s not hard to see why men would be drawn to her. But this is the kind of attention no girl wants and things are starting to get scary. She wants to find out who is doing these awful things to her so she can stop living fearfully. Kent wants to find the man that is hurting Alexa just as badly as she does. Because his sister is finishing up her treatments and the fact that Alexa has a stalker, these two are taking things slow. The way these two flirt with each other is sweet and fun, I love the attraction between the two.

Even though Souls Collide is part of a series, it can be read as a standalone. Knowing the series gives you a sense of giddiness when Beck brings back characters you meet in the previous books because you get to know the characters intimately. Their lives are so tightly intertwined, this is a family you want to be a part of. I can’t say how much I love that Beck was able to write Abby battling breast cancer. It’s such a scary thing for women to go through and Abby is an inspiration. Souls Collide is beautifully written, it’s fun and romantic, the perfect combination and the perfect addition to the Collide Series.

For now, you can read my review on Goodreads. Souls Collide is releasing December 7th and is available for preorder on Amazon for 99 cents.