Bluff, Jane Stanton Hitchcock

It’s hard to write a review without giving anything away, but I feel like I’ve done the book and the reviewers justice. While this is a very early ARC, rest assured that it is up for preorder, I will include a link at the bottom. Here’s my review:

Bluff starts off with a bang, literally. Because Maud, or Mad Maud as they call her, has shot Sun Sutherland while he was dining at The Four Seasons. What continues is an unfolding of the people connected to Sun and subsequently, his best friend Burt Sklar, who was Maud’s intended target.

Bluff is told through various pieces of information, not just Maud’s point of view, by Sun’s wife Jean, and Sklar and the stripper he’s chasing after. Maud is a very strong character, she’s smart, so much smarter than people give her credit for. I found myself cheering her on.

Sklar was such a sleazy character and I felt he was written so well. From scamming Maud’s mother out of money to cozying up to Sun, everything he does is with an ulterior motive, he’s a social climber who is always looking for the next easy paycheck.

I loved that the book centered around poker and the various aspects of playing it, hence the title, Bluff. Anyone who plays knows the cunning and skill involved is impressive. I think it will make a fan of non-players. As I’m writing this review, I find myself coming back to Maud again. She was such a fun character and I found myself surprised by her. I think because she lived so long as the outcast in society, people seriously underestimated her, and that label of Mad Maud allowed her to focus on getting what she wants.

The writing style is very unique and engaging because you find yourself racing through each chapter, anxious to piece it all together. Just when you think you’ve figured it out, the author throws you a twist. It’s a fun and witty read, the characters are so well-written and you find yourself cheering Maud on. I loved the camaraderie among the woman, as it’s nice to see strong women in a book. Jane Stanton Hitchcock has a new fan!

For now you can read my review on Goodreads. As I write this, Bluff isn’t in ebook format, but you can preorder Bluff in hardcover on Amazon for $17.67. It releases April 2nd, 2019.