Forgetting the Enemy – Enemy Duet Book 1, Amy Cecil

I had messaged Cecil telling her the ending stressed me out and I picture her behind her computer screen with a maniacal laugh, thinking “oh you have no idea”. I really do need book 2…now. Here’s my review, don’t forget to scroll to the end for some amazing teasers.

Zaira is the daughter of a Don and what he says goes. So when he orders her to marry someone she doesn’t even like, she must go along with it, for her father’s sake. There was a time growing up where she thought she would marry Michael Vitali. The Vitalis are heads of a powerful crime organization and Michael is due up to run it.

He’s sexy, strong, and has a clear head for what needs to be done. For a long time, he too thought he would be marrying Zaira. But a rift has been caused in the family and the girl he spent so much time with growing up has drifted further from his reach.

When Zaira’s brother steps in to help her, it brings Michael back into the fold and even closer than Zaira could have imagined. The only problem is, she’s lost her memory. So how can she and Michael ever have a future when she doesn’t remember her past?

I think I could use a bit of Michael in my life. He’s a bit bossy and Zaira gives it right back. She knows how to play the game and it drives him wild. He’s even got a bit of a jealous streak. I love these two together. They’re super fun and the chemistry between them is smoking hot. They’re perfect together and it makes a girl dream that these two can have their happy ever after.

For now you can read my review on Goodreads. Forgetting the Enemy releases until January 10, 2019. Head on over to Facebook and give Amy a follow so you can keep up with all the latest news, teasers, and more.

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