The Way You Are, Sylvie Stewart

I really love this series so it was exciting to see that there is a 5th book that’s been added (which can totally be read as a standalone, one of my favorite parts of true series). Another favorite? When authors make strong women as their main characters, so Sylvie has hitten a home run (pun intended) on those two aspects alone. Now let’s get to the meat of the book.

Brett seems to have the worst luck with women and while he isn’t opposed to having a relationship, he isn’t meeting the right one, so he’d rather stay single and enjoy his love of baseball.
Liv is a diehard baseball fan, and it just so happens that her cousin and her boyfriend play for the same local team. So when she is cheering (and heckling), it draws attention, specifically the attention of Brett. He loves her quick thinking of comebacks and jeers to throw at the umpire (if only the players liked it as much as he did, she wouldn’t risk getting booted out of the games). But it’s because of this he introduces himself, and a friendship is born.

Brett is totally smitten with Liv, but she’s got a boyfriend, so he has to be okay with being just friends. Even when he spies Liv’s boyfriend cheating on her, he knows it can’t be him that tells her. So he waits in the wings hoping that maybe one day, there can be something more for them. Slowly, over time, Liv is seeing Brett in a different light. He’s a great friend, but it seems that he too, only wants friendship, heck he’s even asking her for dating advice.

The Way You Are is a delicious slow burn, there’s tension that they are both circling and denying. Liv and Brett are great together and the reader is drawn into both of their amazing personalities, they are a really fun duo. Not only are they crazy fun, but their friends are too, friends that we’ve met in previous books, and it’s nice seeing them again. Not only are they a fun duo but their chemistry is crazy hot. This is such a great addition to the Carolina Connections series. Stewart continues to give her readers fun characters with laugh out loud and swoon-worthy moments, a truly great read.

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