Presenting the Marriage of Kelli Anne and Gerri Denemer, P.D. Alleva

I’m not one to give half stars (as they really have no bearing in the overall rating system) but I think if I could, this would be a 4 1/2 star read for me. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from this book and I found myself quite pleasantly surprised.

In Gerri’s eyes, he’s lost it all. His wife has deceived him and now she wants him to take an acting job that is so far below his station, it’s laughable. He’s prideful and he’s hurt that his wife wants him to take this job, even though his past actions have put the family in a financially unstable situation. They have twin boys who need their father to fix his mistakes and garner some income.

But what if Gerri can’t fix his mistakes or Kelli’s? What if his pride and his inability to communicate with his wife is far too great of a price for him? That’s what we explore in Presenting the Marriage, the cost of marriage, of communication and love, the cost of pride. Sometimes that cost is far too much, especially when we can’t look past our own hurt.

Depression lies. If we take anything away from this book it’s that mental illness is a cruel mistress, she tells us things that aren’t true and sometimes when we’re so far deep into the pit, we can’t see anything past the hurt. It’s that hurt that causes Gerri to commit suicide, and the book delves into the repercussions of those actions in a very interesting way. But with Kelli Anne and Gerri, their love is strong and sometimes, with the love of a good woman (or man), they can help pull us out of the pit.

I think this was extremely well written and I wonder if some of the other readers were able to look at the symbolism being presented to see the book for what it was. Could it be self-help? I don’t quite think so, there’s definitely a presentation of a way out, but the overall arc, that depression lies isn’t revealed right off, we have to follow Gerri on his journey (and subsequently Kelli’s as well). The creative way of slowly revealing information rather than all at once is what makes this such a great book because there are elements of horror that we wouldn’t see if it was presented in any other manner. Very well done.

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