Poppy, Kailee Samuels

So I might have bumped this one up my TBR and finished it all in a day, and it was completely worth it. Here’s my review:

Writing reviews for Ms. Samuels is always a hard thing for me to do because I always feel that I cannot do the book justice in my review. I’ve been a fan of hers for a while and there is a multitude of reasons to be a fan of hers. First, she has created this amazing world in which all of her characters are tied together in some sort of magical puzzle. Secondly, her writing is unique, it’s beautiful and masterful and the world she has created is so vivid, you genuinely become a part of it.

So let’s talk about Poppy. Poppy is a girl who knows what she wants. She wants to finish school, earn her degree, and get the hell out of her mother’s path of destruction. Her life hasn’t been easy and with her mother’s constant parade of men, she’s finding it hard to stay out of their way.

Enter Kane, he’s handsome, has a bit of money, and his eyes are set on Poppy. Oh Poppy, if only you knew! 20 years her senior, Kane knows a thing or two about what women want, and it’s nothing like the boys that swarm around Poppy. So when he takes her home to meet his son Abel, Poppy is hooked. This little boy needs her and she’s all too happy to oblige.

Kanes behavioral change is almost instantaneous, he’s an angry man and he takes his anger out on Abel and Poppy. But Poppy has made a promise to Abel, stay with it until he’s old enough to get out of the house. So she endures years of his abuse, abuse that is incomprehensible to the average person, and while it’s easy to judge her for staying when you see her connection with Abel, you might just find it justified. Because she’s giving Abel her all, everything that boy has ever needed, she gives him. She’s going to make him the man his daddy never could be.

Oh hell, Ms. Samuels, I always say “well this book is the best” and then you release a new one, and I have to rearrange the favorite order. I loved Poppy, from start to finish, I absolutely adored her. She’s strong and determined, and she makes for a fine main character. I loved how she tied into Sal and Amber’s world, and I have a feeling we’re going to be seeing more of Poppy, and I couldn’t be happier. Nicely done!

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