Ink, Jobie Baldwin

Christian is your typical teenager, he’s a bit of a wild card and he just likes to have a good time. After being drawn into a tattoo parlor, he’s marked and possessed by a Rune god. Hagalaz now inhabits him and like Christian, Hagalaz is very unpredictable. The man who runs the shop, Raven, has told John of the ancients, and how they are sending the Gods into mortals because the Settlers are planning something and it’s up to the kids to stop them.

At the training facility, Christian meets Zack and Kai, who also possess their own Gods and slowly, over time, more tribe members are added, each with their own Gods and abilities. Now they just need to learn to work with their Gods and train to be able to master their new powers. They all grow closer as they share the excitement in learning and controlling their powers, and it would be easy to say it’s all fun and games, but the Settlers have acted, and now they must come together to stop whatever might be coming.

So this was a really fun read, I loved the mystical elements that Baldwin has added. She’s done a great job defining the characters and making them interesting and unique. I love how they came together to form a tribe, and how for most of them, they feel the tribe is the family they always needed. This is a great urban fantasy novel for any age, Jobie has ticked all the right boxes. I cannot wait for book 2 because I’m anxious to see what Baldwin has in store for us, very nicely done!

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