The Mine, John A Heldt

Joel, an eager explorer, drags his best friend Adam to a mine to explore. But when Adam decides to wait outside, Joel goes in to explore and comes out in 1941. As we know, there were a lot of things that happened in 1941, so it’s a perilous time for Joel to be in, but he handles everything with the cocky assuredness of a young 20 something. When he rescues Tom from the beating of his life, Tom and his family take him in. He’s witty, charming, and very good at hiding who he really is from those who have come to care about him.

He meets all of Tom’s friends, including Tom’s girlfriend, Joel’s grandmother Ginny. But Tom is definitely not Joel’s grandfather so Joel knows they must have some sort of breakup down the line. Joel loves his grandmother in her youth, she’s smart and quick-witted, a good friend.

And of course, what’s the fun in unknowingly time traveling if you don’t fall in love? While he might not have been planning to, when Grace walks into his world, he just knows he needs to have her, even if she is engaged to another man. There is something about the chemistry between the two of them that cannot be ignored.

So while he’s falling in love, he’s also worried about the upcoming war. People are being drafted and while technically Joel wouldn’t be drafted as the government doesn’t know he exists, there’s a whole mess of problems that he would rather not deal with. So he must make the choice to stay with the love of his friends and Grace, or leave it all behind, an easy task it is not.

This is my second book of Heldt’s and I love how he smoothly blends time travel into his books, sending his characters into a new world. He’s done excellent research in capturing the settings, the dialogue, and the ongoings of the time to give us super fun time travel books. The characters are in-depth and a lot of fun. I am definitely looking forward to reading book two!

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