Destiny, Jo-Anne Joseph

Leah is still healing after losing the love of her life Leo. She’s not handling it the best as she’s drinking, a lot. But she has their son LJ to think of, and every time she looks at him, she’s reminded of her lost love. It’s been 3 years and she still feels the hurt, every day. As Leah puts it “My world has been shrouded in a darkness so heavy it’s been a battle for any kind of light to make its way into my world”.

Scott lost the love of his life, Riley, 6 years ago. He’s a lost soul who’s barely making it through each day, nursing the pain with alcohol. He’s a broken man with nowhere to turn.
Scott and Leah work together, and they’re not the best of friends. The only thing keeping them in each other’s circles outside of work is LJ. Scott knows what it’s like to grow up without a parent and he’s doing his best to be there for LJ.

But Scott is starting to see Leah in a new light, and she might be seeing him in just the same light. But he knows he’s no good, that he can’t give her a future, heck he can’t even give her much of a present. So even if there are some sort of feelings swirling around, he can’t act on them. Until he does, and then his rage and anger get the best of him, and he pushes her away. It’s not easy for Leah, she hasn’t let anyone in since Leo and she’s trying her best to handle Scott’s mood swings, but it’s becoming much too hard.

If there were ever two people that were meant for each other, it’s Scott and Leah. They’ve both been hurt by love and they’re nursing that hurt. But Leah has such a bright and shining personality, it’s impossible not to be drawn to her. Sometimes I wonder what she sees in Scott when he flies into a rage, but then he does or says something that’s outside of his hurt, and it all clicks together. These two are so much stronger than they will ever know, they’re both wonderful characters.

I loved how Destiny is told in alternating viewpoints from Scott and Leah, it allows us to see inside their minds, their reasonings, and sometimes, it told us how they each viewed a certain event. Every bit of excitement or hurt, you felt right along with them because Joseph is so talented at pulling emotions out of her readers. This is such a wonderful book, I can’t recommend it enough.

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