Flygirl, R.D. Kardon

Tris, who was once a teacher, makes a drastic change in her life and sets her eyes on the skies. She wants more out of her flight career so she moves from a commuter airline to a corporate, Tetrix. In hopes of being captain, she hopes she’s made the right choice. In these days, flying was mostly considered a man’s world, and it’s even truer at Tetrix, where she is the only female flying and her only ally seems to be the receptionist.

The person who is supposed to be training her, Deter, is nothing short of a jerk. He’s made it clear he doesn’t want her there, he’s short with her and flies off the handle too easily. Ross, on the other hand, could be an ally, except he’s an alcoholic who sometimes makes advances on Tris.

Tris is a strong person, she’s a hell of a flier, and she handles her cool, so much better than I would be able to. She needs to because she can’t make waves at Tetrix. Every time Deter yelled at her or talked down to her, I cheered her on for the way she handled it. I do feel she made a few poor decisions when it came to Ross. If someone who had previously made unwanted advances came to my door, drunk as all get out, I wouldn’t open the door. I was screaming at Tris when she made the decision, because the situation could have turned out so much worse, and thankfully, it didn’t.

I learned so much about flying from this book, it was well researched and was very accurate. It did a great job portraying the situation that Tris was in, and the overall perceptions of female flyers in a mans world back in the day. It also talked about the relationship Tris had with a man named Bron before he died and touched on the feelings of loss that Tris was still going through. Kardon did a great job with this book, from the characters, to the scenes and situations. Nicely done.

For now you can read my review on Goodreads as Flygirl hasn’t released yet. But you won’t have to wait long to read it for yourself as it releases on January 3rd and is available for preorder on Amazon for $9.99.