Unorthodox Union, Lilah E. Noir

So alas we get to the final book in the trilogy and for me, it was a hard goodbye as I’m not ready to let anyone go (except for Seth, of course.) I’m really hoping that perhaps, with enough pleading, that Ms. Noir will write (another) .5 edition or something along those lines because she closed the series so wonderfully.

Things have never really been totally easy for Lina and Thomas because Seth was always there in the peripheral of their minds. But things were supposed to be better, he was behind bars, and they’re starting to move on in their relationship. Even Allie has someone in Nate, and things seem to be going so well for them. They’re expanding their reach in ChaosTech and it’s going to be a big hit, even Nate is involved with the project, and he fits right in. But Nate is keeping secrets and those secrets might just prove too much for everyone involved.

Three words come to mind when I think of this book, sexy, suspenseful, and superb. Lilah is brilliant when it comes to writing the suspense, so much so that I found myself staying up late because the stress of not knowing became too much and I just *had* to know what was going to happen. The scenes between Lina and Thomas were exceptionally *hot*.

There were nice little touches of writing in the book and I would like to quote a few of them. “Thomas had an unorthodox application for every object in the house.” and indeed he does ;). “The mistress of guilt is already whipping you straight in the soul.” So beautifully said.

The writing in this book is beautiful and phenomenal, and it is by far my most favorite book in the series. I found myself relating to quite a few pieces written in here, and I think that’s the mark of a truly great book. Very well done!

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