The Red Address Book, Sofia Lundberg

This was an early ARC for me it was a very good read. Here’s my review:

In The Red Address book, we follow Doris, who is working her way through her address book, giving the reader the history to her past. She is writing down, via the computer, each story to give to her niece when she is finished. We meet many people, people who have shaped and influenced her life. It’s an interesting and unique way to go about telling her story.

Doris didn’t have it easy after being sold off by her mother. But she made her way and put up with what was handed to her. But she grew up and started making her own way. I also enjoyed the telling of Jenny’s life and the reason she was so close to Doris.

As I said previous, this was a unique way to tell her life. She definitely didn’t always have things easy, there were undertones of heartache throughout her stories from various events that happened to her. Lundberg gave us very rich characters and vivid detail to draw together each scene perfectly in the mind. This was a nice and heartwarming read.

For now you can read my review on Goodreads, as I stated this is an early ARC. The Red Address Book is available for preorder on Amazon for $12.99 and releases January 8th. Just for fun, I’ve included the photoshoot my daughter did for the book.