Flak, Jobie Baldwin

If you remember, I reviewed Ink by Jobie on December 19th, and I messaged her asking if she was going to be doing another book, and lucky me, she had Flak! So I was super excited to read this because I had loved all the characters in Ink.

While we still get to see the characters we grew to love in Ink, Flak focuses mostly on Ben, Christian’s best friend who bribed his way into the Tribe. He’s feeling pretty down about himself because he hasn’t heard from Christian, and he feels like an outcast in the Tribe.

Caught in a bad spot, he finds himself walking into the Ink shop, the same one that changed each of the Tribe member’s lives. Imagine his surprise when he ends up with Ta’xet, the violent god of death. Ben has very little control over him and Ta’xet thrives on killing people. While it might be horrifying for some, Ben is a creative guy and Ta’xet feeds off his creativity. But then doesn’t mean that Ben wants to walk around, constantly with violent urges to harm others.

Until he meets a witch, Emily, and for the first time in a day, Ben doesn’t want to kill her, which instantly fascinates him. But the Tribe is searching for Ben because Ta’xet never comes to a person unless his counter arrives as well. Tia is the woman who can help calm those violent urges, they have a long history rooted in love.

But of course, there’s more trouble on the horizon, and with a few new members to the Tribe, they need to start working together if they want to take down the crazed man who used to house Ta’xet, and they wouldn’t all be here, if there wasn’t more trouble on the horizon.

This is such a fun book, I’m really digging this series and I’m loving what Baldwin has done with the storyline and characters. It’s almost always super non-stop action. I love all of the Tribe members and their abilities, it’s very creative and unique. Definitely a series you don’t want to miss.

For now you can read my review on Goodreads. Flak releases January 10th and is available for preorder on Amazon for $2.99.