Son of Angel, Kailee Reese Samuels

Following up from Son of Saint, Samuels gives us Son of Angel, which follows Dom, son of Chicago mob boss Angel Gennaro. All of her books tie together, so it really helps for you to follow her reading guide in the order she recommends, because then you will feel deliciously at home when other characters (*cough* Sal) come into play.

Before Son of Angel, I wasn’t really sure how I felt about Dom, part of The Unholy. But to say he spins a cunning web is probably an understatement. We learn his story as he tells it to Mierne, and it is twisted, it’s full of love and deceit, of strength and endurance. He goes to great lengths for those he cares about, those he calls family. As Samuels writes “Dreams keep us safe. Because we were the nightmare”, and that couldn’t be truer of the lengths each of them goes for each other.

I loved Dom’s connection to Sal and I shared his feelings about Amber, it was hard for me to like Amber, but she has grown on me over the course of all the books. I found this book helped to fill in a lot of the blanks that weren’t necessarily missing in other books, but created a bigger picture of the world in which Samuels has created. I can appreciate Dom a lot more now, but I’m left swiping my jaw off the ground because I need more, and I have no doubt our fearless leader will deliver.

For now you can read my review on Goodreads. Son of Angel is available for preorder on Amazon for $2.99 and releases January 11th.