Vampire Mage, Release Day!

VAMPIRE MAGE is a new novel in the addictive #1 bestselling urban fantasy/paranormal romance series REBEL ANGELS by USAT Bestselling author Rosemary A Johns! It contains epic battles, steamy love scenes, magic, vampires, angels, shifters, and a badass heroine. Dive into the action-packed magical ride with irresistible vampire and angel lovers and a supernatural world like you’ve never seen it before…and binge read your next series on Kindle Unlimited!

In the supernatural war of angels vs vampires, magic is a savage prince.

Nothing could’ve prepared Violet for initiation into the Legion of the Phoenix. Perilous. Nightmarish. Deadly. If the training doesn’t kill her, the sly hot shifter probably will for not saving their world from the fanatical cult leader. The lone female apprentice mage, Violet is trapped in the Brotherhood with an army of angels brainwashed to annihilate vampires.

When three wishes offer her deepest desires, she should know better than to trust them. Even if she lives through the hellish magic Initiation alongside the harem boy angel, she still must face the vicious Mage Challenge. If she doesn’t, the seductive vampire geek she loves will be kept forever as their pet, whilst her snarky angel lover will be executed, only to be resurrected as a slave.

Violet must fight beside her monstrous half-brother, the prince, who hungers to force the world to kneel…or battle against him to become a hero to those she loves. Either way, dangerous magic is unfurling inside her, and new realms are about to open that threaten them all…


“You’re in Hogwarts the X-rated version but you can learn here. The Slytherins, who treat me as the class mascot, see you as a champion.” Ash reached as if to touch his gold collar, but only hovered his fingers over the front of it, afraid to touch: it flared warningly, and he winced. “I’m the creature, not you. I wish I could be more than that, and I was once. But I’ve played the pet before and I can do it now, if it means that you’re free.”

I rocked, light-headed, whilst static crackled up and down my skin, spitting to escape and blast the world for letting Ash believe that. “Family means,” I replied, each word as sharp as a polished shank, “that I love you.”

Ash blinked at me.

Then I dived at him, howling with violet and black that blurred the kitchen to nothing but Ash, Ash, Ash…

I snatched him by the shoulders, tumbling him over, until we were yanked by the chains at our throats with mirrored yelps. Then I straddled him, licking down the line of his long neck, whilst he gasped.

My steel nails shot out, gouging thin lines down Ash’s chest. He whined, arching into their touch, as I groaned at the intensity of the sensation: trembling shocks that radiated from their sensitive tips. I quaked, biting my lip at the overload. My wings burst to flames at the rush.

Then I lapped at the trails of crimson, juddering at the bursts of rich power and longing.


Hell, Ash’s blood was home, and I hungered to drink every drop of him and live in his scarlet…

My eyes widened.

Ash’s dazed gaze focused, as if he’d caught my thought, then he slammed his lips against mine: hard and possessive. His fingers tangled in my hair, holding me still. Here was the dark solider of the Under World, who’d dominated the Devil’s Trident in a dance with death that’d paled even mine.

No one’s pet.

I burnt to sear away the mages’ touch on him, the lonely days, and his doubts, as well as to prove my love, which tottered new born. I crawled over him, stroking his right wingtip, before sucking it hard between my lips.

Ash’s back bowed, as he howled. Yet then he snatched my hand, sucking my claw into his mouth.

Electrified, it was my turn to howl, as I closed my eyes, slamming my other fist, nails out, screeching across the slate. The winding coils from my gums to my wings built to a wailing crescendo, until finally nothing but black…

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