Amal Unbound Aisha Saeed

I really love reading YA and this is one I bought in hardcover that had been waiting for me. I just want to point out how amazing the cover is. The color is sharp and vibrant and if it looks this good online, imagine how great it is when you’re actually holding it.

I read Amal’s story in one sitting last night, following her journey of one injustice to the next. The notion still alive that schooling girls are not a top priority. The girls’ schools are vastly overcrowded, seating two girls to a desk. Young girls often being forced to stay home from school or leave school altogether to take care of their siblings and household chores.

In small towns such as these, one crooked landlord is determined to keep everyone in debt so that they live in fear of him and the repercussions he deals out. Gossip spreads like wildfire regarding these landlords amongst the women and children, he’s definitely someone to be feared.

Amal, never having met the landlord before, talked back to him, over a pomegranate no less. Because her father was indebted to him, he’s chosen Amal as his payment. Forced to live in servitude in his home along with other servants. A few getting paid to work there, others in a similar situation to her own. We follow Amal as she adjusts to living under the strict landlord, in a new home, surrounded by strangers.

This book represents the life that so many people live. It’s a necessary read, so expressive of the troubles facing young girls. Poor Amal loved school and had hopes of becoming a teacher, and one misstep, one issue in the family, made her lose it all. Life shouldn’t be this way, everyone deserves the right to an education, yet not everyone gets it. Kudos to Saeed for writing this, a must-read for everyone.

For now you can read my review on Goodreads, give it a like if you’ve enjoyed it. I can’t post the review on Amazon today as I have this book in hardcover and it won’t be a verified review as I’m tapped out on unverified reviews this week.

No matter your age, do grab Amal Unbound for yourself. You can grab it on Amazon for $10.99