Free Reads January

I’m always posting my reviews and TBR’s, and I thought I would try and add some new things for 2019.

So I’ve collected some great free read collections from Bookfunnel and Prolific Works for you. Click on the image below the descriptions to be taken to the collections and have fun filling up your e-reader!

**End of the World, Prolific Works. From their site: “Love stories about preppers, zombies, and post-apocalypse survival? This is the giveaway for you!” This ends Feb 10th

**Cold Winters, Hot Romance, Bookfunnel. This ends January 30th:

**Keep Warm and Cozy, Cozy mysteries from Bookfunnel:

**The Start of the New Year Reads: This is a collection of romance/erotica books. The title says “Best Wishes from author C. Renee”. This is a huge collection from Prolific Works, it ends January 30th:

**January Sci-Fi Takeover from Bookfunnel, this ends January 31st:

**Where Women Rule, from Prolific Works, their site says “Find great heroines and female authors!” This ends March 2nd:

**Ring in the New Year, This is a collection of mystery, suspense, and thriller from Bookfunnel. hosted by Anne R. Tan:

**Discover New Series from Prolific Works, I love the tagline they wrote: “Find great series starters, serials, books with horrible cliffhangers at their end.” (I personally hate cliffhangers, I know other’s love them). This ends March 30th:

**In the Dead of Winter, Post-Apocalyptic books and novellas from Bookfunnel. This ends January 31st:

**The Big Historical Fiction Giveaway, from Bookfunnel. I was pleased to find this one, it is my favorite genre. Snag these quick, there’s only 15 days left:

There! That seems like a great variety of books to choose from and if your Kindle wasn’t filled up yet, it will be now.

Happy Reading!