Shadow Eyes, Dusty Crabtree

For 3 years, Iris has been able to see shadows, lurking around the school, around her family, they cause mayhem to people she cares about and she’s too scared to say anything. She’s seen them in action when she hears of an accident, but her fear doesn’t know what to do about them. She’s met a great guy in Patrick, if he’s a little odd at times, it doesn’t beat out how amazing a person he is. She’s also made a great friend in Kyra, she’s a caring friend who only wants the best for Iris. It seems like Kyra has a white light, an aura about her, and that aura gets stronger when Kyra is doing good things for others.

But what if there’s a reason that Iris can see these shadows? What if there’s more to the whole situation? That’s what this book ultimately explores. Shadow Eyes was a long read for me, I kept waiting for something to happen, and it didn’t until the last 90% of the book. I kept waiting for Iris to speak up because she was seeing things that I felt were proof and she didn’t. I honestly feel that the author could have cut out 50% of the book because a lot of it was Iris’s school and home life, then her seeing shadows. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t like the book, because the story *is* good.

The premise is good and it’s well-written. The characters are multi-dimensional and they all contribute greatly to the storyline, and I love where the author took the story. So now that we’re at the meat of it, so to speak, I am anxious to read the next book. I do feel like this could be read as a standalone, which I greatly appreciate, I just feel the next book will do so much more for the story.

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