No Exit, Taylor Adams

This was one of the books I had in hardcover and mini-me did a photo shoot for it, so I’m including that photo too because it was fun to do.

On the way to see her mother who is undergoing surgery for pancreatic cancer, Ashley is forced to stop at a rest stop because the driving conditions are too much for her to pass. There she meets a few people, cousins Sandi and Ed, a man named Ashley, and Lars, who she mentally calls Rodent Face. Everyone seems friendly enough, except for Rodent Face, he’s creeping her out.

Even more so since on her way back from trying to get a cell signal, she spotted a little girl in someone’s van outside. Not only is she trapped in the van, she is locked inside a dog cage. Now she needs to figure out who owns the van and she will have her kidnapper. It should be pretty easy to figure out, but nothing is ever that easy.

What follows is the long night in the rest stop, waiting for plow trucks to be able to come and clear the area and roads so Darby can free Jay and get whoever kidnapped her behind bars where they belong.

Darby is my kind of favorite character, she’s clever and strong and she never stops fighting for Jay.
Some books have a major plot twist, and then you can breathe a sigh of relief, you’re not going to get that in No Exit, there were numerous plot twists. Every time Adams put us on stable ground, he would remove another rock, having us slip further into the madness that he’s created at the rest stop.

This was so well-written and I loved all of the characters, I even came to love to hate Lars. I knew that reading this was going to be stressful because thrillers always are, but Adams never let you rest easy and it was fantastic. I am definitely a new fan and cannot wait to read more of his work.

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