Gaming the System, Sagan Morrow

In A Choice Between Two, we met Emma who was torn between dating two men, John and Carlos. She realized she was polyamorous and proposed the idea to both of the men. In Gaming the System, we check back in on our trio to see how the relationship is progressing.

Dating is tricky, even in monogamous relationships. A person needs to learn to navigate the ins and outs, what works for them and so on. So in a poly relationship, there can be double the problems. Emma finds herself having trouble navigating some of the problems that have arisen. Such as how she should spend her time with each of the men, finding some alone time, even something as keeping separate nicknames for the two can be tricky.

Emma’s friends are encouraging and understanding, and I think having a good support system makes all the difference. Emma needs to learn to communicate her needs between John and Carlos and also to better listen to their needs. Each of them brings something completely different to the relationship, and each of them learns about polyamory their own way, so Emma needs to be there and help them become comfortable because this is a first for all of them.

I also think a big thing here is learning to forgive yourself for screwing up. Because it’s all so new, they are going to make mistakes. Mistakes are made in every relationship, but it’s about learning from the mistakes and moving on, and it looks like we have hope for all three, which makes me insanely happy.

I really like what Sagan has done with this series. She’s creating an engaging storyline that is not only entertaining but has some great information for people who think they might be poly. Gaming the System is well-written and all of the characters bring something unique to the storyline. I am anxious to check back in on our trio and see how their relationship has progressed even more now that they all have started to learn more about their lifestyle. Nicely done!

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