A Shimmering Dream, Kailee Reese Samuels

Iris has to deal with walking away from Sal to save him. In a drug-induced haze to help give her the strength to truly walk away, she finds herself underwater, and able to breathe. In this world, she works to fight her way back to Sal, to say the proper goodbye they need, and to find the strength to do so.

So many people made an appearance in this book, either as mermaids or pirates, it was a very nice touch to have Amber grow closer to Iris. I also appreciated the pieces slipping together just a bit more in the overall arch of things. This is one of the hardest things Iris has ever had to do and yet she must because Sal has asked her to. Feeling a bit insecure with her place in his world, this goodbye, the one underwater, is the goodbye that she needs, even if she still isn’t ready for it.

This was a different write for Samuels but because it included so many characters we have grown to love, it fits in perfectly with the world of Juliet. Iris has a long road ahead, 3 long years in fact, but for her “trust is the key”. I cannot wait to find out what more is in store for not only Iris but Amber, Sal, all six of them, and everyone else not involved in this.

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