Spells and Sorcery, S. Usher Evans

The night before she turns 15, Lexie learns that she has magic. She learns her sister Marie is a healer and that her sister Nicole is a potion maker. Her aunt Jeanie, who has raised all 3 girls from the time Lexie was born, is also magical. While it’s hard to believe she is suddenly going to have magic at midnight, Marie flaunts her own magic right in front of her, but it’s still a hard pill to swallow.

As far as her sisters, Marie took the cake. She was absolutely flat out cold and mean to Lexie, more than your typical sibling issues (as someone with two older sisters, I couldn’t have put up with Marie *at all*). Nicole was a mother-hen to Lexie. Losing their mother so young often forces the oldest to take on that role. And while they did have Aunt Jeanie, parenting didn’t come easily to her.

So when Lexie learned she had magic, she had no one willing to teach her what to do, and a whole family telling her what not to do. So when she met Gavon, who was more than willing to share his knowledge, she latched on. In a way, he was the father she never had. I worried about the amount of time Lexie spent with Gavon. because she literally had no friends, which seemed really sad to me. With both her aunt and sisters keeping her in the dark and no friends to help her experiment and work through this new world, of course, she would latch onto Gavon.

I didn’t love all the secrets involved, especially the ones the family was keeping from Lexie. She’s very strong-willed, as teenagers are, and keeping her in the dark was probably the worst thing she could have done. She’s trying to learn to control her magic and she’s being told, just control it. I could completely empathize with her frustration with her sisters and aunt.

I had my eye on Spells and Sorcery for a while, and I was so pleased when I found this through the inter-library loaning system. I raced through the entire book in a day, and while some of the logistics were slow, once the pace started to pick up, it just kept on going, making it a fast and really easy read. The writing style is smooth and easy, I loved all of the characters, even the ones we were meant to hate. Definitely a great read for fans of YA and Fantasy.

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